Everyone knows that the Switch’s successor is drawing near. Fans can feel it, analysts are predicting it, and insiders are claiming its on the way soon. As for the Big N themselves, they’re still holding their cards very close to the chest.

Nintendo just shared their Q3 results for fiscal year 2024, and it showed that although the Switch is long in the tooth, it’s still moving major units and bucking projections. It’s no surprise Nintendo isn’t rushing on to their next hardware, and it seems like the Switch is where the company will be making most of its money this year.

In a conference call following their Q3 report, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that the Switch will be Nintendo’s “main business” as we get deeper into 2024. He also stated that the company will talk about plans for their next fiscal year come the Q4/FY earnings briefing. Outside of that, Furukawa only trotted out the same sentiment we’ve heard time and time again; that Nintendo is always researching new hardware and software.


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4M ago

Fiscal Year 2024 right?! So your main business until April 1st ;)


4M ago


Considering the context, probably calendar year. That also makes sense if Switch 2 comes out at the end of the year and won't make up a majority of hardware/software/etc. sales.

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Well considering the context was fiscal reports it’s plausible he is meaning fiscal calendar tbh.


4M ago

Wonder if they will have a Feb Direct at all by now. Seems like they might just go all in on the Switch Flex at a later reveal.


4M ago

Is this report based on the official translation?


4M ago

Point of clarification from the transcript that dropped this morning (

Furukawa states that the Switch will be Nintendo’s main business for 2024 but then uses the word 通期決算 [Tsuukikessan] referring to the reporting period - meaning financial year. So yes, he means the Switch is the main focus of this current financial year ending March 31st, 2024.


4M ago

That should mean Switch 2 is coming in Q4.


4M ago

I'm sure it will be no matter when the successor comes out. With well over 100 million Switches out there, the majority of hardware accessories and software units will be unbeatable.