Just like any game company, Capcom has a healthy collection of popular franchises under their umbrella. Some of them see constant releases, such as Monster Hunter and Resident Evil. Others haven’t seen new installments in years, if not decades. Now it seems like Capcom may be willing to return to their vault for some revivals.

Capcom has opened what they’re calling a “Super Elections” survey that asks fans to vote on a number of topics. It appears Capcom will be using the results of this survey to plan at least some of their future titles, so your votes do indeed matter. There are 10 questions in all, and yes, the survey is available in English.

One of the questions specifically asks if fans would like to see spin-offs or sequels to various franchises, and some surprising names are included. You’ll find mention of titles like Okami, Mega Man, Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire and many others included, giving hope for some of these long-dormant IP to get some love. Capcom also asks fans about remakes, and the titles above are mentioned once more.

If you’d like to help steer Capcom’s plans going forward, take a few minutes to answer the survey!


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5M ago

Which summarily will be ignored while Capcom stuffs all their PC games (past and present) with both Denuvo and Engima DRM while moving all their IP to live service models.

Mega Man 12? Nah. Mega Man 12, Resident Evil 9, Monster Hunter Wild with battle passes that you must pour 1 million real life dollars to be able to beat. And if you mod any of them, immediate online ban from all currently supported Capcom games.

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