It’s the season of chocolates, flowers, and love! This year, team up with your friends and loved ones in Pikmin Bloom Weekly Challenges to enjoy new encounters featuring Valentine Sticker Decor Pikmin! Whether you’re going out shopping for a gift for your Valentine, or enjoying a stroll together, any occasion is perfect to get your steps in! Let’s go! These special Pikmin will be available February 12, 2024, 0:00 local time to March 3, 2024, 23:59 local time.

During the event, rewards for completing Weekly Challenges will always include a Gold Seedling for Valentine Sticker Decor Pikmin.

  • Gold Seedling rewards apply to both Steps and Flower Planting Weekly Challenge.
  • Please note that if you leave a Weekly Challenge before completing it, you will not receive any rewards, including the Gold Seedling.
  • Valentine Sticker Decor Pikmin will be included within the existing Valentine Sticker Special Category in your Decor Collection.
  • Valentine Sticker Decor features the same design as last year’s, with updated text to this year (2024).

All postcards your Pikmin bring will feature Valentine special designs! There are two different types that you can use to share the love with your friends!

The shop will be offering gifts that you can send to your friends, as well as mission tickets to help you meet more Valentine Sticker Decor Pikmin – don’t forget to check them out!

Available between February 12, 0:00 and March 5, 23:59:

Special Mission Ticket: Valentine Sticker

When you purchase this ticket and clear the dedicated mission, you’ll obtain a gold seedling in your desired color (red, yellow, blue, purple, white, pink, or gray) of Valentine Sticker Decor Pikmin.

  • The mission must be completed by April 30, 2024 at 23:59.

Complete Ticket: Valentine Sticker

This ticket includes a total of 7 missions. Clearing them all guarantees you’ll meet all Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Winged and Rock Valentine Sticker Decor Pikmin.

  • The missions must be completed by April 30, 2024 at 23:59.

Available between February 12, 0:00 and March 3, 23:59:

Valentine Gift Bundle / Valentine Gift Bundle (Large)

This item is available for the purpose of gifting to others only. You can send them as presents to the special people in your life!

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