Ever since Palworld was revealed, gamers the world over were quick to point out the similarities to Pokémon. Plenty of the creatures in Palworld were clearly inspired by Pokémon, and some to a rather uncomfortable degree. There’s also the Poké Ball-like mechanic and claims of straight up asset theft, making the situation even worse.

Pokémon Co. recently shared a statement on the Palworld situation, saying that they take the accusations seriously and tend to investigate any game that infringes on their IP. Now we have a comment from Nintendo’s president as well, and it seems he’s very much following in step with Pokémon Co..

During Nintendo’s most recent fiscal briefing, an investor asked Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa about the Palworld situation. He kept his comments very short, but not so sweet.

“We will take appropriate action against those that infringe our intellectual property rights.”

[Shuntaro Furukawa]

It’s clear both Nintendo and Pokémon Co. are looking into this matter to see if there’s something worth pursuing legally. Both companies will likely remain quiet moving forward, and the next time we hear anything will be if they plan to take Palworld’s developers to court.

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This is a non-comment. It wasn't even included in the final transcript for the Q&A due to how non-substantive it was.