Ramen can be a great comfort food to have when you need to charge up on energy after school or work, or on extremely cold winter days when you want to warm your body up from the inside! Have you recently had any?

On Pikmin Bloom, Niantic is welcoming Ramen Keychain Decor for Purple, White, Winged and Rock Pikmin – meaning it’s now available for all 7 types of Pikmin! Seedlings for Ramen Keychain Decor Pikmin can be found in the vicinity of Ramen Restaurants.

Now, ramen comes in many variations with different toppings, like roasted pork filet, green onions, and “menma” among others. For many, a bowl of ramen is not complete without a topping of “menma”. Have you ever stopped to wonder what “menma” actually is?

“Menma” is made of bamboo shoots that grow specifically in subtropical climates. These are steamed, fermented, and lastly they are dried in the sun, resulting in the quintessential ramen topping!

Some Ramen Keychain Decor Pikmin do have menma among their toppings – take a close look next time you come across one! How’s a bowl of ramen for your next meal?

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