A number of months ago, fans of Hello Neighbor first got to enjoy watching the Hello Neighbor animated series within Hello Neighbor 2 and Secret Neighbor. While it took quite a bit of time, the first season of the show has officially wrapped. Thankfully, we now know that season 2 is on the way and you can check out the first official teaser for it above!

Welcome To Raven Brooks: The Hello Neighbor Animated Series follows a group of kids trying to figure out what their creepy next door Neighbor is hiding, only to uncover a much larger mystery of the eerie town of Raven Brooks.

Hello Neighbor: Welcome To Raven Brooks is an 18 episode animated series that overlaps the events of the popular Hello Neighbor video games. This is a story of a new girl - Trinity - who moves to Raven Brooks, only to find that she’s living next to a creepy Mr. Peterson. She quickly makes friends with Nicky who is obsessed with finding out what Peterson is hiding. Happy endings are a matter of perspective.

Hello Neighbor: Welcome To Raven Brooks was created by a talented team of writers from Man of Action who previously created and wrote the Ben 10 animated series, and participated in writing Big Hero 6.

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