Farm Tycoon coming to switch May 27th

You reap what you sow

09 May 2022
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Sonka has announced that Farm Tycoon will come to Switch on May 27th, 2022 for $19.99 / €19.99. A trailer for the game has also been released which you can watch above.

As you can expect from a game with the Tycoon name, Farm Tycoon allows players to create a manage a virtual farm however they see fit. You can read more info on the game below.

From seeds to vegetables and processed products. There are animals, meat processing plants, farming machines, workers with different skill sets, warehouses with cooling, anti-pesticides, and many more. A lot of different strategies can be successfully executed to make the farm profitable. You can surely make a jack-of-all-trades farm to min-max the systems, but perhaps just a fully sustainable and independent apple juice company can drive the prices up and be more profitable? Maybe using only eco-friendly energy sources will pay off in the long run, especially with the government grant? Or you just love beef steaks and want to make the best quality filet mignon in the world? Any farm-related business idea seems possible in Farm Tycoon!

It’s the first game of its kind made with consoles in mind from the ground up. The whole user interface is tailored to sticks and buttons, without the usual hassle of virtual cursors present in the genre. Moreover, the 2XD Rendering technology, developed specifically for optimal Nintendo Switch™ experience, brings stunning visual effects while ensuring stable performance throughout the game.

Key features:

• Variety of different crops to cultivate, buildings and machines to create your perfect farm, • User interface optimized for the best console experience, • Industry-leading 2XD Rendering graphics engine, • Campaign, scenarios, and free mode for diverse gameplay.

– A variety of crops –

You do not want to cultivate typical wheat, do you? Perhaps you would love to have an orchard with apples, strawberries, or cucumbers? In Farm Tycoon you can have many different crops that you may cultivate by hand or by using machines, where each harvest has a precise expiration date. Before you plant your seedlings, first remember about the proper preparation of the land for cultivation. Watch your plants as they grow from green, fragile seedlings up to the state of flowering, ripening, and being ready for harvest.

– Agricultural machinery –

On the machine market, you can buy both new and used agricultural machinery. Remember that cheaper, used machines can break down more quickly, especially when operated by an inexperienced employee. Before buying your first agricultural machine, build a garage to ensure sufficient space to park it.

– Processing plants and farm buildings –

A real farm is not just about fields. It requires many facilities, starting from farm buildings and barns to processing plants and factories. Has the plague affected your harvest? Maybe it is time to invest in a factory? Build a specialized facility to process what you have managed to grow. Produce juices and frozen food. Have you produced too much sheep’s, cow’s, or goat’s milk? Start producing cheese or butter, unless you prefer to switch your farm for the production of meat.

– Animal breeding –

The cultivation of plants is not enough? Start breeding animals. From the smallest ones, such as bees, rabbits, or turkeys to goats and cows. Be sure to provide them with adequate animal feed and skilled caregivers. Raise newly purchased animals before they begin to produce eggs or milk. Bees love buckwheat and colza, so create fields with suitable plants nearby. When the animals get sick you will need to call the vet, and if you want to breed your animals, you’ll have to call the inseminator.

– Ever-changing weather –

Face variable weather conditions, such as drought or torrential rain, and collect all the crops before the first frost and snow. Watch the shadows, changing sunlight and color depending on the current season.

– Different modes to play –

Farm Tycoon offers 3 different game modes! There’s a campaign, scenarios, and a free mode. The campaign will guide you through all major aspects of the game and teach you how to properly manage the farm. Scenarios show how to deal with specific situations and tasks. In the free mode, you have complete freedom of actions that will enrich your tasks and contracts.


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