Rocket League has been updated to Version 2.15, which brings a host of tweaks and changes. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.

Voice Chat

  • Voice Chat is now available to players on all platforms
  • With the release of v2.15, Voice Chat is on by default for all players
  • Voice Chat is fully cross-platform
  • Voice Chat options are Party Chat and Team Chat. You cannot speak with opposing teams in Voice Chat
  • When Voice Chat is enabled, you will see a Voice Channel tab (with a little headset icon) appear in your Friends List. You can join, leave or switch Voice Channels from this tab.
  • When you join a team in a match, you will be placed into a Team Voice Channel
  • When you join or form a party, you will be placed into a Party Voice Channel. This Channel shows everyone in your party that has Voice Chat enabled
  • Voice Chat settings can be found by going to Settings -> Chat -> Voice Chat Settings Enable Voice Chat: Checked by default; uncheck the box to disable Voice Chat
  • Push To Talk: Check this box to use an assigned key to enable your input device. You can change your binding under Settings -> Controls -> View/Change Bindings -> Scroll down to Voice Chat (Push To Talk)
  • Preferred Voice Channel: Choose whether to default to Party Chat or Team Chat when both are available
  • Main Menu Notifications: Displays names of speaking players while in the Main Menu
  • Match Notifications: Displays names of speaking players while in a match
  • Text Chat Notifications: Displays notifications in text chat when players leave or join Voice Chat
  • You can adjust incoming Voice Chat volume under Settings -> Audio -> Voice Chat


  • Display of ping to game servers has been fixed
  • Fixed a visual bug with Spectator names in Private Matches
  • Fixed appearance of scoreboard from Spectator point of view in Private Matches
  • This will be fixed on consoles in our next planned update
  • Fixed a bug preventing the “LTM” badge from appearing on the Casual Playlist tile


  • Voice Chat match notifications overlap Quick Chat options when they’re toggled on

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