Splatoon 3 "Spring Fest" announced

SprINK is in the air

19 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Something very special is soon heading to Splatoon 3. The winter chill is starting to warm, plants are blooming and Fresh Season 2024 is sprouting a special Spring Fest this April!

In the next Splatfest Fizzbangs explode onto the scene! Throw Fizzbangs and they’ll burst, shooting ink fireworks out from where they land! Fizzbangs can be obtained every time you land on the map and defeat an opponent. Let’s light up the sky with ink!

To celebrate Spring Fest, special themed gear is on its way! As with previous special gear distributions, you’ll need to check SRL News channel on your Nintendo Switch to claim them. SRL will check-in later when it’s available.

We’ll bring you full details on Splatoon 3’s Spring Fest 2024 as Nintendo pulls back the curtain.

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