The world works in mysterious ways, and that includes the Nintendo side of things as well.

No matter how much Nintendo would like to forget the ill-fated Hotel Mario game for the CD-i, fans keep its memory alive through tributes, memes and more. Now we’re about to see yet another wave of attention paid to the lackluster outing, as a long-lost piece of gaming history has been discovered.

Game Pak Rat on YouTube can often be found heading out to thrift shops to hunt down gaming deals, and they came away with an incredible steal recently. Believe it or not, GPR happened upon a beta version of Hotel Mario, and now they’re chronicling all the differences between this unreleased version and the final game.

The video above is just the beginning of the comparisons, but it does show off some cut-scene differences and title tweaks. There’s going to be a lot more coverage on this beta as GPR works their way through the beta, so make sure to subscribe to their channel and follow along!

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