New trailer shared for Dome-King Cabbage

A name everyone will remember

21 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Dome-King Cabbage is an award-winning visual novel about a cloud-person named Mush nervously making their way to a job interview. Mush has to grapple with their ability to perceive the world through the lens of a monster-collecting RPG. The title will be heading to Switch sometime in the future, and today brings us a new trailer to check out.

After getting in tune with their newfound extrasensory powers, Mush is drawn to Crumb Island, an elusive site where they can get the enigmatic title of “Dome-King.”

The narrative is told through an unmistakable, perception-bending style by the solo-developer Cobysoft Joe. Dome-King Cabbage is a vibrant collection of psychedelic visuals, warbled beats, and colorful stories that connect in a harmonious way because of this singular vision.

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5M ago

SOO glad this is coming to Switch! One of my most anticipated games. I still don’t understand how it looks so good. Day one purchase