Will they or won’t they? It’s a question Nintendo fans have been asking for years now, and it’s all in relation to Nintendo releasing some sort of revamp for the Switch. There’s been no shortage of speculation and insider info over the last few years, but Nintendo never has any official info to share.

Like clockwork, analysts once again tried to get Nintendo to comment on whether or not they have a new iteration of the Switch in the works. The question was brought up during a media briefing for Nintendo following their Fiscal Year 2022 results. Not surprisingly, Nintendo had no comment on the matter.

This time around, the ‘no comment’ came from none other than Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa. You can’t get any higher up on the food chain than that. If Furukawa isn’t talking, you can expect the same response from everyone else at Nintendo.

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That's very brave of you to take such a bold stance!


15d ago

I have decided to comment on Nintendos lack of comment.


15d ago

Neither the current state of the Switch nor the state of the global tech market suggests new hardware would be a good idea this year.


15d ago

I really hope there is a more powerful Nintendo system on the way soon. I get that it's portable, but the Switch is only a little bit more powerful than the Wii U. A decade old system. And the Wii U was already only a little more powerful than the Xbox 360: a 17 year old system.

Objectively speaking the Switch is ABSOLUTELY due for a hardware update.

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15d ago

'Nintendo Switch 2 will launch alongside long-awaited exclusive title, Metroid Prime 4. Please understand.'


15d ago

yea, the global tech market state with lack of some stuff makes the switch pro even further away than it would if it wasnt the case. Wasnt it even cars that takes 2 years from a preorder to actually getting delivered.


15d ago


That's very brave of you to take such a bold stance!


15d ago

I don't know you guys, but I'll be really happy with my OLED Switch for the next few years.


15d ago

Really? This again? I gotta wonder why everyone is pumped up on this more than all the other consoles that Nintendo has made.

No one asked if there was gonna be a Wii successor or not. No one asked if there was gonna be a gameboy successor or not and while those eventually happened, they didn't get as much of chatter as this.


15d ago

While I think the Switch still has a good bit of life left in it, I don't think a successor within the current fiscal year is out of the question.

Nvidia leaks, rumor smoke and all eventually point to something. Nintendo not outright denying something is at the very least 'interesting" as in the past few years when they've had no plans they've stated such.


14d ago

Not a chance, 2023 maybe, 2024 sure