Brie Larson has been known to be a true Nintendo fan for years now. Nintendo has worked with Larson in the past to promote games, and it seems they were eager to tie up once they found out the Captain Marvel actor had been a Big N fan since childhood. Now the two are teaming up once again, this time to spread the word on Princess Peach: Showtime!.

IGN has the chance to talk with Larson about all things Nintendo, but Larson was obviously keen to chat about Princess Peach: Showtime! in particular. Not surprisingly, it turns out Larson has been fond of Peach for years now, and she’s quite happy to see the princess getting another crack at a starring role.

“I’m really just rooting for Peach. I’ve watched her my entire life and I always knew that she contained multitudes and she was just waiting a little bit to show us what she had, and now she’s here with her adorable little friend.”

[Brie Larson]

Larson also opened up about her history with Nintendo in general, going back to her childhood all the way up to current games. For those wondering, Larson is indeed playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but she admits she’s going to slow in order to savor it. When she’s not playing Tears of the Kingdom, you can find Larson in Smash Bros. Ultimate as Zero Suit Samus, Kirby or Pikachu, and Mario Kart, where she puts Luigi in the driver’s seat.


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