Splatoon 3 just saw the release of its Side Order DLC, which tasks you with climbing up a tower filled with 30 floors of danger. Should you reach the top, all sorts of interesting things await, but we won’t spoil those aspects for you. Good luck on your climb up, and we hope you find the outcome rewarding!

What we can discuss is that once you tackle the tower, you’ll able the ability to visit Inkopolis Square as a hub. Wondering how things have changed since wandering Inkopolis Square in Splatoon 2? The above video gives a side-by-side comparison to show how the fan-favorite location has both changed and remained the same.

In Side Order, step into the role of Agent 8, a young Octoling who defected from the Octarians, to make your way up the Spire of Order—where you never quite know what each floor will bring. Build your palette with power-ups called color chips to expand your arsenal and abilities as you go. Each floor gets increasingly tough, but don’t worry—Side Order is meant to be played through again and again.

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