You can build a monument to the iconic duo of Ash and Pikachu with the new MEGA Pokémon Ash & Pikachu: Path to Victory set from Mattel. Releasing on Pokémon Day—February 27, 2024, of course—this incredible model represents MEGA’s first-ever buildable Pokémon Trainer, and who better to feature than the young hero from Pallet Town and his faithful and feisty partner Pokémon?

Constructed of 1,646 bricks and standing over 12 inches tall, the finished model is highly detailed, fully articulated, and super posable. The set includes interchangeable face plates, so you can give Ash and Pikachu different expressions to fit whatever epic pose you put them in. And yes—Ash’s hat can be turned backward for a true battle-ready stance!

The two stand atop their display base, and they can interact with the included brick-built accessories: a trophy, Ash’s Pokédex, a Poké Ball, and a Potion. You’ll have loads of fun assembling this set and will have an incredible display piece once it’s completed.

The MEGA Pokémon Ash & Pikachu: Path to Victory set will be available exclusively at Target in the US and wherever Mattel’s MEGA products are sold in Canada. Happy building!

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