Indie publisher Sometimes You, and indie developer Uncle Frost Team, have announced their forthcoming console release of Cybertrash STATYX. Launching on Nintendo Switch on 13th March 2024. Gamers will be presented with a tactical 2D action-platformer offering lots of frantic action and entertainment!

About the game:

So it all begins

In the future, robots and artificial intelligence have begun to replace people, corporations are waging war among themselves. It is difficult for people to survive in such conditions, and some of them are trying to escape from the vicious system.

Inspired by an anime with a cyberpunk setting, the development team pointed out some salient features, “We are proud of how we managed to present the story, characters and balance the game for different styles of players. The game has three game modes with their own characteristics and accents. The player can choose the most suitable game balance for the passage. You can also note good shooting mechanics and interesting types of weapons.”

The goal of the game is to uncover a conspiracy against humanity and escape from the metropolis while being persecuted by the corporation. There are no sub-objectives because the game has a straight storyline. People are being kidnapped and modified by installing neural manipulators in different ways. Due to the limited resource of the chips, the newly minted cyborgs also take control of the unmodified population. Captured people have their memories erased and are turned into cyborgs. The opposition is weakening.

In the role of the main character - Jenet, you fall deep in the events, trying to remember the past and escape from the clutches of the corporation. Uncover a conspiracy against humanity! Run, jump, slide, destroy enemies, gain experience points, upgrade your character and win the day!


The main character has neat abilities to manoeuvre to avoid enemy attacks. Also, different types of weapons imply certain tactical advantages. However, manoeuvres are not as necessary if the player selects the run-n-gun mode. Some types of enemies, when they detect the main character, chase the player and shoot in bursts, having their own ammunition. To avoid hitting the character, the player must choose the moment to counterattack. It presents all the possible tactical elements within such a retro platformer.

On the Level

Cybertrash STATYX does not have numbered levels, but there is a sequence of missions in different locations with a total of 15 missions. There are three modes which change difficulty and balance. Players can choose easy mode for quick walkthrough or tactician mode for hard gameplay but with much upgrading abilities. Also, there is a balanced mode for normal challenges.

It’s Getting Harder?

The difficulty level of the game depends on new types of enemies that appear as you progress. As the player progresses, he will be able to use upgrade terminals to improve his character’s characteristics. This will help you complete missions more efficiently and defeat bosses.

As you progress through the game and destroy enemy units, you gain experience that increases your character’s levels. With each level the player receives an experience point. These points, using modification terminals, allow you to increase the level of dexterity, luck, hacking, shooting and credit.

Boo the Baddies

All enemies are robots of different types. There are patrolling drones, and combat units with jetpacks for jumping. Heavy units without the ability to jump, but with high firepower, mines with artificial intelligence that quickly approach the character when detected. Weapons galore and a lot more to find out as you play and progress.

Together with some cool sound effects and very high quality soundtrack, written by a professional composer, this retro platformer has plenty to offer!

A 2D side scrolling retro platformer with added energy!

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