Fenix Studios is excited to announce their very first game Office Fight, a casual action strategy game featuring physics-based puzzles, destructible environments, and ragdoll fight simulations. Office Fight will be showcased at the Tokyo Indie Game Summit on March 2nd through 3rd, and will see release on Switch later this year.

You’ve been unfairly laid off by Mega Corp and the news kills you. Literally. But your restless ghost has unfinished business… REVENGE!

‘Restructure’ Mega Corp one department at a time, unleashing hilarious physics-based chaos as you uncover their diabolical secrets. One part therapy, three parts anarchy, Office Fight lets desk jockeys everywhere launch a cappuccino into the face of the status quo.

Ready for some hands-on experience? Smash your way through each department and break every rule in the employee handbook. Each office battleground is full of unique physics-based challenges, insane chain reactions, and temperamental office furniture.

We’ve all had that boss who could use some polite feedback. Now is your chance to show them how you really feel about their management style. Get ready for your 1:1 performance review!

Unsure how to reply to a passive aggressive email? Don’t worry, at Office Fight we’ve got a range of openly hostile takedown moves to ragdoll your coworkers into submission.

For that personal touch, you can also customize your characters to look like anyone you wish. For example, Mark from Accounts or Susan in Finance.

Fight for your promotion and unlock everything Office Fight has to offer. From powerful runes to unique skills and bonkers takedowns, grind it out to become the ultimate workplace warrior!

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