There have been plenty of experimental games in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, but none more so than Sonic Frontiers. SEGA set out to turn the Sonic series on its head with wildly new gameplay, which led to what SEGA called an “Open Zone” adventure. Turns out even SEGA had trouble wrapping their head around this idea, especially when it came to making it feel like a Sonic title.

Multiple members of the Sonic Frontiers team have spoken on the development of the game via an internal SEGA interview, and they made it clear that there was a time when things simply weren’t coming together. Much of the team was starting to feel like Sonic Frontiers simply didn’t feel like a Sonic game, but one younger dev member proposed an idea that helped everything click into place.

You can read the comments on the dev team’s challenges and the younger member’s game-saving suggestion in the fan translation below.

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