Back before the Switch came out, Nintendo announced that they were partnering with Immersion Corporation for special technology in the Switch controller. That led to the reveal of the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble feature, which aims to offer haptic feedback and rumble beyond what most controllers offered at the time.

While there’s no doubt HD Rumble is capable of some amazing things, few titles have made good use of the technology. Not surprisingly, Nintendo themselves have been at the forefront of software that puts HD Rumble on display, but even the Big N hasn’t really pushed the feature as many expected.

While HD Rumble remains sparingly implemented in Switch games to this day, it’s clear Nintendo still sees merit in the idea, as they’ve signed yet another deal to work with Immersion Corporation. Nintendo has renewed their license with the company, which means the Switch Joy-Con can continue including HD Rumble features forward.

Of course, this has many wondering if Nintendo and Immersion will work on the Switch’s successor as well when it comes to controllers. This renewed deal had to come about for the Switch’s sake no matter what, but you’d think Nintendo would also double-down for whatever comes after Switch. I guess only time will tell if this deal goes beyond Switch and its Joy-Con.

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5M ago

Immersion Corporation also made the haptics in the PS5 controller, which is leagues better than the Joy-Cons. Hopefully that tech will make its way to Nintendo's next console.