Sungrand Studios has announced plans to make Breath of Thunder, a late 90s-inspired RPG, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter to make it happen. The game’s base funding goal of $30k would have it see release on Switch, but there are a multitude of stretch goals to bring the game to the Nintendo DS, GBA, Game Boy Color, N64 and more.

Travel back in time to when the world was not so complicated, when RPGs were created with only three things in mind; adventure, fun, and creativity. Breath of Thunder has channeled the magic of the Golden Age of RPGs from the 90s to combine classic design philosophy with modern game sensibilities.

Breath of Thunder is a turn based JRPG created specifically for people who long for a classic RPG experience free of modern complications. There is no obtuse, convoluted storyline, no buttonmashy battle system, and no boring, pointless filler content. Breath of Thunder will remind us all what made us fall in love with this genre in the first place; interesting characters we care about, engaging storylines, vibrant worlds full of fascinating lore, and beautiful music.

If you’d like to pledge some funding to help Breath of Thunder become a reality, you can check out the Kickstarter here.

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