Today, Paladins introduces Lillith as the latest Support Champion in the Realm, along with the Event Pass: Lost Future, and a destructible cart in Siege: Beyond.

Lillith keeps a mysterious curse at bay through a dark pact with the Abyss. She can drain the lifeforce of her enemies, and heal allies on the brink of death… for a price. Reigning from dark corners, Lillith can become one with the shadows. Her unique weapon, Heart of Crimson, swells with sinister power whenever it tastes blood. Along with her hexes and ability to fly, it makes for a frightening arsenal.

The Event Pass: Lost Future holds 24 rewards including two skins themed around a fan-favorite storyline—the ravages of Yagorath and the Maw. The Lost Future alternative dimension opens an appalling window on what the Realm would have looked like if Yagorath had prevailed in establishing her dominion despite Atlas, the savior from the future.

Alongside the Shattered Goddess Io, Atlas gets a new skin in this Event Pass.

With Siege: Beyond, Paladins periodically experiments innovative twists for its most strategic mode, Siege, where both teams strive to escort a cart until it reaches the enemy base. Barik has been hard at work on some adjustments to those carts, vital instruments in the war opposing the Magistrate to the Resistance. But the tinkerer’s technology is not yet perfected…

Finally, the Siege: Beyond cart always keeps moving – enemy Champions in range only slow it down while allies speed it up. Users beware: this experimental cart comes with a major drawback as it can be destroyed with enough damage.

If you need a complete recap of everything that’s already available and has just been added to the Heart of Darkness update, you can get a quick rundown of the major bits in the video above.

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