Point-and-click adventure "The Midnight Crimes" announced for Switch

Even the cover of midnight can't protect you

15 March 2024
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Developer DeadlyCrow Games has announced that they’re bringing The Midnight Crimes to Switch, but no specific release date has been shared. You can get a look at the game via the trailer above.

The Midnight Crimes is a Point-&-click detective adventure game, you are a retired private detective investigating the case of a missing child while facing his own past demons. Midnight Cove, the wicked Victorian city you live in, features semi-open world mechanics, side-quests, pets, character relationships and much more.

Benjamin Leighton is a war veteran and retired private detective. He lost his family a few years ago in a tragic and gruesome murder, commited by an unknown assasin. Nowadays Ben lives in the bottom of a bottle, dealing with insomnia and unending guilt. A new case arise, when he is desperately needed to find a missing child, which is the perfect opportunity for Ben to get back into bussines and face his own demons along the way. Will Benjamin be able to overcome his past? Will he find the missing child? Lets find out, its all in your hands now. Gameplay Features:

The game will feature a rich narrative storytelling alongside interesting mechanics to help you navigate this world. As a challenge, you have to take care of how much STRESS Benjamin can endure, because his actions and precission will depend on it, you can take time off to release stress by plenty of means in the city. Be careful about the alleys you roam, some may see you as a target and will try to rob you if your REPUTATION or your ELOQUENCE are low.

You will be able to unlock special interactions and special side quests depending on the relationship level you have with the charactersm which will shape the course of the story and the multiple endings you can achieve. STEALTH will be your best friend to find clues and move in dangerous places, but if needed, don’t forget to always carry your gun or a blunt weapon in case you have to FIGHT.

Some interactions will require puzzle solving, while others QUICK TIME EVENTS.

You will be able to adopt a PET in the game, to help Benjamin cope with his situation and to release some stress.

There are several different STORES in the city of Midnight Cove, where you can obtain or exchange a variety of items, including cigarettes, drinks, pet food, weapons, etc.

Some items will only be obtainable through special side quests.

The game has a night/day cycle with dates, so be mindful of the days and the hours in order to investigate certain clues.

The BLACKBOARD in your office room will be your best ally to investigate further, unveil new conections, new clues and new localizations when needed. It is the main tool for investigation.

Discover the rich world of ‘The Midnight Crimes’ and the stories the night hides in this thriving industrial city of the 19th century. Unveil the mysteries, secret societies, paranormal events and disturbing characters the lovely city of Midnight Cove has to offer.

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