The next round of Pokémon merch has been revealed for Japan, and there’s quite a wide variety on the way.

First up is the “Treasured Way Home” line, which puts Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Koraidon and Miraidon front-and-center. This line will be available in Japan later this month both at Pokémon Center locations and via the online shop, and includes the following items:

  • LED art frame: ¥4,950
  • Set of 2 A4 clear files: ¥660
  • Sketchbook: ¥605
  • Set of pens with sliding case: ¥1,210
  • Acrylic binder: ¥1,760
  • Card case: ¥1,980
  • Glasses case with cleaning cloth: ¥2,420
  • Clear case with carabiner snap ring: ¥880
  • Stainless tumbler: ¥2,640
  • Neck wallet: ¥2,200
  • Acrylic keychain: ¥770
  • Mini shoulder tote bag: ¥3,520
  • Reversible drawstring purse: ¥1,540
  • Hand towel: ¥660
  • Face towel: ¥1,540
  • Nintendo Switch dock cover: ¥2,178
  • Nintendo Switch EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) pouch: ¥3,278
  • Case for 12 Switch cartridges: ¥1,078
  • T-shirt: ¥3,080~¥3,850
  • Boxer pants: ¥1,100~¥1,430
  • Middle socks: ¥495
  • Sports sandals: ¥7,480

Along with that comes the continuation of Pokémon Co.’s tradition of releasing Mother’s Day-themed items in Japan. The 2024 lineup for Mother’s Day has been revealed, and it’s available to pre-order via the Pokémon Center website in Japan as of today.

This Mother’s Day line includes a variety of flower arrangements that feature none other than Pikachu. There are two types of flower arrangements up for grabs at $50 a piece, but customers can also go with a preserved flower arrangement for $65. While the cheaper options will have to be watered, the preserved version will last for roughly 1 year without any care. All options will include a special card featuring both Pichu and Pikachu.

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