Fire Emblem fans, get ready. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have released the Fire Emblem Engage Original Soundtrack in Japan, and it’s an absolutely humongous offering.

The Fire Emblem Engage Original Soundtrack comes in two options; Regular and Limited Editions. The Regular Edition packs in a whopping 7 discs featuring all the music tracks from the main game and the DLC, plus a bonus disc with voice data from the Wake-up Events, jingles and other sound effects, and more. Finally, the artwork on the package was drawn by MikaPikazo, the main character designer for Fire Emblem Engage.

If that’s what the Regular Edition has to offer, you’re probably wondering what comes in the Limited Edition! Well, if you cough up some extra cash, you will also get the following:

  • Digipack case (with jacket illustration drawn by MikaPikazo)
  • Clear case
  • Full color booklet (20 pages)
  • a replica of Marth’s Emblem Ring
  • a display stand inspired by the Ring Chamber from the game
  • 4 postcards which can be displayed on the Original Soundtrack album’s clear case

As expected, there’s still no word on these physical soundtracks releasing outside of Japan, so you’ll have to look to import retailers like Play-Asia if you want to go the retail route. Hopefully we’ll at least see the digital soundtrack release worldwide.

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