Jakks Pacific has made figurines and more for all sorts of game franchises, and that includes a number of products for the Streets of Rage series. It seems that Jakks Pacific has been quite happy with how that line has been received, as they’re teaming with SEGA once again for another Streets of Rage release.

Fans of the original Streets of Rage might be interested to learn of a new action figure with a classic feel. Jakks Pacific has revealed their Axel Stone figurine, and it captures his look from the original Genesis game in all its glory. Even the packaging references the artwork from not only the original Streets of Rage, but Genesis game packaging as well.

The Axel Stone figurine comes packed with a Grand Upper Cut effect accessory as well, letting you pose Axel with his signature move. If you want to scoop one of these figurines up, you’ll be able to find them exclusively at Walmart in the coming weeks.


UPDATE: Turns out the reveal of the Axel Stone figurine was just the tip of the iceberg! We now know that SEGA and Jakks Pacific are teaming on a whole series of classic franchise figurines, and the first set of releases will see Aiai from Super Money Ball and the Werewolf transformation from Altered Beast join Axel. Just like the Streets of Rage release, Aiai and Werewolf will also be available exclusively at Walmart.

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