The Gap, a futuristic psychological thriller and exploration puzzle game by LABEL THIS, has already earned critical acclaim since its October 2023 launch, boasting an 80 Metacritic score on PC. The game debuts on the Nintendo Switch on April 4th with a 10% pre-order and launch discount.

The Gap received player praise during last year’s Gamescom, PAX West, and Future Games Show events. Positive reviews from gaming media outlets such as Hooked Gamer (95/100) and Buried Treasure (82/100) further underscore its success.

The Gap marks the debut title of LABEL THIS, a Slovenian two-person studio that commenced development in 2016. Today, their game takes a prominent place in Crunching Koalas’ portfolio alongside titles like Darkwood, Project Warlock, Once Upon a Jester, and BUTCHER.

Delve deep into the human psyche in The Gap, a psychological thriller seamlessly weaving together the realms of memories, emotions, and corporate intrigue.

The story revolves around Joshua Hayes, a dedicated neuroscientist. His life takes a sudden turn when his family becomes afflicted by a rare genetic disorder. As memories fade and sanity slips away, Joshua faces an unimaginable challenge: finding a cure before his family’s essence is forever lost.

The Gap invites players to question the boundaries of reality, exploring Joshua’s memories - both joyful and heart-wrenching. While seeking a solution to his family problem, Joshua gets entangled in an experimental program led by the enigmatic biotech giant, Neuraxis.

With its gripping storyline, beautiful visuals, and thought-provoking themes, The Gap is poised to captivate players’ hearts and minds from day one.


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