Developer Revolutron has reached out to share plans to bring their 3D platformer The Secret of Crystal Mountain on Switch. While the game isn’t officially approved for Switch by Nintendo just yet, the developer intends to go through the required steps to bring this one to the platform. We’ll certainly let you know once the game’s Switch release is official.

Crystal Mountain Isle was once the biggest exporter of magic crystals; providing crystals to witches and wizards all over the world for generations - but then one day its exports suddenly stopped. The island has been shrouded in mystery ever since.

Now stranded on the mysterious island, you explore, get to know its residents and uncover its magical secrets. Run around, swim, climb, glide and use the unique abilities of your little bird friend to explore the island and reach the mountain’s peak.

Something strange happened on this island, there seem to be secrets hidden around every corner, and there are many animal friends that need a helping hand. As you explore, you’ll learn more about what happened here and the great power that lies in the mountain itself.

To help with your quest, you’ll need your Little Bird Friend. Explore high and low, soar through the air and search for hidden treasures with your bird. It can even reach places you can’t yet go on foot! Your bird is always with you wherever you go, ready to be deployed.

Many pots have been magically spawning on the island lately. Someone needs to go around and bust them all! Use your Spin-Attack to break pots, rocks and many other things. Collect resources and help the villagers rebuild their houses and buildings.

Collect gems that open doors and treasure chests. Find the magical Golden Keys to unlock new areas and special items.

It’s a no-stress adventure in a world full of mystery and wonder!

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