When it comes to merch posts on GoNintendo, Pokémon has to take the cake. There’s always some new item in the works at Pokémon Co., but honestly, when it comes to 2023, NieR:Automata merch was a close second. The amount of merch associated with the NieR:Automata line in 2024 is already staggering, and today brings us yet another item for the product onslaught.

This time around, NieR:Automata fans in Japan will be able to snag 2B and 9S eye masks that are meant to replicate the characters’ combat goggles. While they are meant more for cosplay purposes, you could also use them as makeshift sleep masks to ensure you drift off into the post-apocalyptic Earth of 11945 for a deep sleep.

These eye masks are priced at $13 a piece and are made by Movic. While pre-orders are open now, locking in a pair before April 7th, 2024 guarantees your package will arrive at launch, which will be sometime around mid-June 2024. Unfortunately, Movic is only selling these eye masks in Japan for the time being.

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