No Man's Sky "Orbital" update now available

Orbiting the Switch today

27 March 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Dock your fully customized starship in the sleek new space stations of No Man’s Sky’s update 4.6, ORBITAL!

Space stations have been completely overhauled internally and externally; new starships can be constructed from salvaged parts; frigate fleets can reach out for guidance with interstellar expeditions; standing and guilds have been improved, trading and system economies have been deepened - and much more!

This update also includes the following:

  • 🛰️Vast Stations
  • 🪄Ship Customization
  • 🛒New Shops
  • 🤖Proc Gen Interiors
  • 🧙‍♂️Guilds
  • 🎁New Base Parts
  • 🛸Ship Switching
  • 💵Reputation Discounts
  • 📈Trading Surges
  • 🦾Salvage Parts
  • 💰Guild Donations
  • 🚀Fleet Missions
  • 🫠Huge Station Exteriors

If you’re looking for the full patch notes for this Orbital update, you can find the complete breakdown here.

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