Atomic Owl is a Japanese-themed, synthwave-infused roguelite platformer that pays homage to games like MegaMan X, Shovel Knight, and Dead Cells.

Atomic Owl combines fast-paced platforming through a Neo-Japanese-inspired world with dynamic hack-and-slash combat and a variety of weapons, powerups, and a demonic blade. Journey through eight roguelite zones, save the Bladewing troupe, and take up chatty arms against the evil Crow Sorcerer, Omega Wing!

Monster Theater Games are also proud to announce that they have partnered with Premium Edition Games for the physical release of Atomic Owl. The Physical Edition contains the Nintendo Switch physical case, a game cartridge with a double-sided insert, a challenge card, a dog tag, a beautiful full-color manual, and a Kickstarter Exclusive Slip Cover.

If you’d like to help Atomic Owl make its way to Switch, you can pledge some funding via the official Kickstarter here.

UPDATE: Atomic Owl has officially hit its funding goal, which means a Switch release is locked in. That said, there’s still plenty of time to pledge some funding and help the devs knock out some stretch goals. You can get a look at what else might make its way into the game via the official Kickstarter.

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