The most recent issue of Famitsu featured an interview all about Splatoon 3, and some Nintendo heavy-hitters were present to share all-new development details.

Splatoon 3 Director and Art Director Seita Inoue, Side Order DLC Director Kenji Matsumoto, and Sound Director Toshiyuki Sudo opened up about Acht, Pearl, and Marina as they appear in the recently-released Side Order DLC, and not surprisingly, they had some interesting tidbits to share. You can see a bullet point summary of all the details they dropped below. (h/t Siliconera)

  • Acht has a bandaged hand because they tried to conquer the Spire of Order before Agent 8 and got injured
  • Pearl appears as a drone because they wanted her to offer support to the player during gameplay, while also giving players the ability to glide
  • during this point in development it was already decided that Pearl would appear, so they merged the support and glide ideas, and it resulted in the Pearl drone
  • the different stages in the Side Order DLC are inspired by Marina’s childhood memories and other octolings’ memories
  • the Spire of Order is a factory that stores memory cubes to be grayscaled and eventually incinerated
  • the snow-like substance falling around the Order Sector is ashes from the incinerated memory cubes
  • the training school that Marina and Acht attended specializes in training elite Octoling-Amazons
  • Octarian schools are divided between schools for regular Octarians and for Octolings

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