Nintendo released a wide variety of DSi versions over the years, but there’s one in particular that was never meant for public sale.

Did you know that in the DSi’s heyday, McDonald’s had their own version of the portable that also utilized special ‘eCrew Development Program’ software? This would let new employees use a DSi for a bit of on-the-job training until 2018, which is when McDonald’s swapped over to traditional tablets.

Considering the very specific nature of these McDonald’s-branded DSi units and their extremely limited existence, they’ve become something of a holy grail for collectors. That’s why there were a fury online lately, as one of these DSi units popped up on an online auction site, but it was removed almost as quickly as the listing went live.

Not surprisingly, McDonald’s isn’t all that excited about some of their proprietary tech and behind-the-scenes dealings making their way into public hands. McDonald’s found out about the auction and made it very well known that they weren’t happy about the situation. This led to the auction being pulled, and the organization behind it apologizing to McDonald’s. While the DSi’s fate isn’t known at this time, it’s likely making its way back to McDonald’s HQ as we speak.

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