The Switch dock is a thing of beauty, letting you drop in your Switch for play on any TV it’s hooked up to. While the functionality of the Switch dock is fantastic, the setup of the device comes with one niggling issue that Nintendo might be looking to remedy.

As the current Switch dock stands, owners are given just one orientation to work with when it comes to plugging in the HDMI, AC Adapter and LAN cables. These ports all face to the left, so depending on where your TV’s connections are, plugging things in can be a bit of a hassle. Hopefully, that’s going to be a worry of the past sometime in the near future.

A new Nintendo patent has surfaced that shows a neat solution for cable placement on the Switch dock. As you can see in the image above, Nintendo has come up with a cluster of ports that can swivel internally in the dock. This would let the owner spin the cluster to the left or right in order to better set things up for their TV. No matter where your TV’s ports art, you should be able to plug in your Switch with ease.

As with all Nintendo patents, we have no idea if this one will actually see the light of day. If it does become a reality, let’s hope this idea gets applied to the current Switch as well as its successor!

Thanks to Ed for the heads up!

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3M ago

Is that the gimmick for the next system? Will they call it the NIntendo Swivel? Nintendo Spin?