Developer Argonwood, and publisher Deck13 Spotlight, are thrilled to announce a free content update and the first ever DLC for their epic turn-based strategy title Rising Lords. The free Dellpiani update is now available for PC, with consoles coming very soon. Following the successful launch in January, Lords and Ladies can now enjoy even more ways to manage their realms and defend their lands.

Since the events of Rising Lords’ gripping main story, some time has passed in the medieval lands of Aubelin. It is further south that this content update takes place: Meet the Dellpiani nobles, proud descendants of the lost Lyrean Empire!

Based on the southern coast of Aubelin, they are brilliant merchants with a strong focus on seafaring and trade, their ships protected by professional crossbowmen in heavy armor. Along with this new heritage comes an engaging two-player map that pits you against each other for the precious and resourceful islands of the Lyrean coast.

Experience the ways of a Dellpiani noble, alone or with friends, in all Rising Lords scenarios!

There’s even more to come: Have a look at this special preview of Rising Lords’ very first DLC! Instead of returning to the familiar lands of Aubelin, prepare for an all-new adventure as you encounter an entirely new civilisation. Say goodbye to the lush meadows and dense forests you know, as you venture out onto the sands.

More details will be revealed over the coming months, so stay tuned and in the meantime, have fun with the free Dellpiani update!

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