Maximum Entertainment today unleashed a barrage of new characters, modes, options and much more action-packed content for Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons with the free Sacred Reunion DLC. If you haven’t joined the fight to save New York City, now is the time, as the base game is available for 40% off on Switch for a limited time.

Series veterans Ranzou, Chin Sei Mei and the third Lee brother himself - Sonny, are joining the fight alongside a host of new content, including the debut of online co-op. They can take on the campaign together or try out the new wave-based Survival Mode, providing an endless amount of action that ramps up with every round. Or, they can even turn on one another in the new 1v1 Versus Mode.

That’s not all Sacred Reunion brings to the fight. New upgrades, improvements, additional content and even a new difficulty mode make Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons the most powerful Double Dragon game yet. All of this content is available today at no additional cost.

Set in the nuclear wasteland of New York City during the year 199X, Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons features a showdown between the iconic Double Dragon brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee, and their allies against the criminal gangs terrorizing the city for dominance. Defeat one gang and the others will seize the opportunity to grab more power for themselves by enhancing their own abilities and bringing in new sub-bosses to take players down. To combat this, you’ll have a multitude of powerful friends and resources at your disposal as you fight to save the city.

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