Our Odyssey, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services and connections for young adults living with rare diseases, has announced the release of the Overjoyed Accessible Controller. This imaginative idea features a gaming controller to enable inclusion for individuals facing physical challenges, particularly those with rare or chronic conditions.

Overjoyed is a virtual accessible controller that allows you to play most Switch games using only a mouse, trackpad, or eye gaze hardware. Nintendo Switch support requires the Micro adapter, which came about through a partnership with controller company 8BitDo. You’ll obviously need a compatible PC for this software solution as well.

As game companies aim to be more inclusive with the options and features their games and hardware offer, there’s still a wide gap between what’s available and what’s needed. Thankfully organizations like Our Odyssey exist to release things like the Overjoyed Accessible Controller, which makes play possible for millions of differently-abled people.

If you’d like to learn more about this unique solution or get access to it yourself, check out the OAC website here.

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