Abubaker Salim is the man behind Tales of Kenzera: Zau, an upcoming Metroidvania that looks to tackle some serious subjects like grief. It’s a heavy game in a tried-and-true genre, but it was a first-time outing for Salim in many different ways.

While Salim had certainly played games, he knew absolutely nothing about making them. Salim is an actor by trade, and while he lent his voice to some titles, he didn’t know the first thing about building a game. In an interview with Game File, Salim opened up about the process of bringing a game to life for the first time.

“All I knew was I had a passion for it and I wanted to do it. I had a lot of people… say, ‘Don’t do it. It’s crazy. It’s unforgiving.’ But I think that’s in every art form, right? I think even when it comes to film: Making a film is almost a thankless job. Really, truly, you make a film because you want to tell a story. You want to do it. It’s like when I learned that The Simpsons was political. There’s no going back. Now I know what makes a game and what you have to think about: the design of it, level design, locomotion and all that kind of jazz.”

[Abubaker Salim, developer]

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