Capcom has already announced a bunch of different celebrations tied to the Monster Hunter 20th anniversary, but today they’ve shared details on the special menu revamp they’ll be offering for a limited time at the Capcom Café.

From April 2024 to July 2024, Capcom will be changing things up on the Capcom Café menu every two weeks, but all the items offered will have a Monster Hunter theme. Things kick off on April 12th, 2024 with a Kokoto Village lunch set and a Well-Done Steak plate dish. Two weeks later comes a Jumbo Village salad donburi and Pokke Village’s Pappara Pasta. Coming after that is a Pokke Village shrimp and onigiri set and Yukumo Village udon.

There will also be Monster Hunter-themed drinks up for grabs as well, with a Tigrex energy drink, Rathalos strawberry soda, Electrified Zinogre blue soda and a Nargacuga cola. Please note that all of these meals and drinks will be yanked after May 23rd, 2024, as Capcom will be offering a new set of Monster Hunter menu items from May 24th to July 4th, 2024.

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