Chaosmonger has announced that Schizollama will see the light of day after all. If you don’t recall, this project was put up on Kickstarter but was unable to meet it’s goal but it seems Chaosmonger have found a way to make the project work after all.

The 2D pixel art run-and-gun platformer is now in active development and planned for release on Switch. Featuring procedurally generated levels, upgradable weapons, and lots of humor Choasmonger studios hopes this will be a game that can entertain all ages.

While a specific release date has not been finalized yet we do have an overview for the game that you can read below.

You will fight by choosing one of the three llamas mercenaries, hired by a corporation for a single objective: to once and for all end the feud with the alpacas. How? By exterminating them all, of course.

The game’s visuals are created using pixel art to achieve a retro-arcade look (think late 80s / early 90s games). Overall, the game is inspired by both classic titles such as Metal Slug and Turrican, as well as modern games like Broforce and Pizza Tower.

Filled with tons of funny splatterish elements, fast-paced action, various upgrades, weapons, and a lot of humor, the game promises to entertain all generations of gamers.

A group of highly-trained mercenaries is hired by a wise old llama to join an almost impossible mission. The aim of which is to exterminate every alpaca out there. The reason? Well, first of all, they are disgusting beasts, second, they are often confused with llamas, therefore is better for everybody if only one species survives. Aboard a drilling-machine, the llamas will travel a bizarre journey all around the world, digging their way out, collecting funky substances, and fighting an army of alpacas and their beastie allies.

Key Features

  • 9 different areas divided into 40 procedurally generated levels
  • 3 main characters to choose from
  • 6 kinds of alpaca soldiers
  • 7 kinds of alpaca’s heavy machinery
  • 9 bosses
  • 18 foe beasts
  • 6 weapons
  • 23 upgrades
[Chaosmonger Studio]

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