If you pre-ordered Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Endless Ocean Luminous, or Luigi’s Mansion 2 from Amazon, you might want to check your email to see if that pre-order still stands.

Amazon has sent out notifications to some customers that their pre-orders for these upcoming Switch titles have been cancelled. It appears it doesn’t matter when you’ve made the pre-order, as we’ve heard multiple first-hand reports of customers having their purchase cancelled even though they placed the pre-order as soon as listings went live.

As for why these pre-orders have been cancelled, Amazon has claimed it’s due to “inventory issues.” Longtime Nintendo fans know that Nintendo and Amazon haven’t exactly gotten along in the past, so some are wondering if the two have hit yet another snag in their relationship. We’ve reached out to Nintendo try and get further comment on this matter.

Thanks to all for the heads up!

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2M ago

Yep, that happened to me for all my preorders. Switched over to Target for all except Endless Ocean as they only have the downloadable version. For some reason Target is showing sold out for the downloadable versions of TTYD and LM2.

It's actually a fairly common misconception that digital codes are unlimited. Retailers only have a certain allotment of codes from each publisher, so they either have hit that number already and need to wait for release for more, or they just haven't put those codes up for preorder yet to push preorders for physical copies.


2M ago


They are unlimited. Retail restrictions are silly.


2M ago

NEVER pre-order. When will people learn?


2M ago


Sometimes I just do when there's a game I just really want and I'll take the chance. I once even preordered a digital game, being Ghostwire Tokyo and regreted nothing. On the contrary.
And here in Norway stuff like in this article is extremely rare. Actually I get some games a day or two earlier even.

But I do agree partially with you though. These days games are often unfinished by release. So it's adviced to wait, but sometimes I just can't help myself =D (16 days 'til Stellar Blade!!!!)