Trove "Bunfest 2024" event now live

Nothing but bunny business

09 April 2024
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Prepare for the uprising of the Eggs, as publisher gamigo launches the third annual iteration of voxel MMORPG Trove’s Bunfest! Egg enemies have once again invaded Candoria and the Buntopia Delves to exact revenge for the Bunfests that have come before them, and it’s up to Trove’s egg-ceptionally brave adventurers to keep them at bay.

Planned as a revitalization of 2023’s festival, Bunfest 2024 implements a number of updates sure to egg-cite players. These updates include a stronger storyline in the festival’s quest, new festival-themed mounts, new allies, and more! Additionally, this year’s Bunfest includes a brand-new leaderboard, which tracks things like players completing Bunfest Delves, Bunfest Dailies, Bunfest Egg Hunts, and Bunfest Egg Dungeons.

Bunfest daily quests are back, along with Bunfest Chocolate, allowing players to craft old Bunfest Rewards. Moreover, all previous bosses and enemies—along with some new ones—are returning to the Buntopia Delve. Adventurers will need to keep their wits about them while keeping an eye out for Easter Eggs scattered all over Trove….including the coveted golden eggs!

Trove is an open-world multiplayer sandbox that takes players on a journey through countless realms, tasking them with completing quests and defeating enemies of all shapes and sizes along the way.

Key Gameplay Features of Trove:

Cubular Classes: Cube-kind can be anything they want! Master classes include Knight, Gunslinger, Ice Sage, Dracolyte, and Pirate-with-a-parrot, with awesome abilities ranging from impressive ninja techniques to deliciously yet deadly ice cream crushes

Infinite and Fully Destructible: Roam through colorful, voxel-based realms, including untamed wilds and worlds made of candy, before using skills to destroy them, one beautiful block at a time

Imagine It, Build It: Add to the land with all manner of building and crafting options, including a Cornerstone (mobile base), huge Club Worlds, dungeons, dragons, costumes, and even swords made out of bacon

Lots of Loot: Loot to the heart’s content with all manner of shimmering treasures and mighty rewards to unlock and uncover throughout the land, such as special gear, ships, decorations, and collectibles

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