There are a number of boxed, sealed NES games that will net you a pretty penny, but a select few are sought after by collectors around the world. The original Castlevania for NES is one of those special games, and someone out there just spent a whopping amount of cash to add a copy to their collection.

Obalsand on eBay has parted ways with his sealed copy of Castlevania on the NES, and he got an incredible $90k in exchange. Obalsand happened upon the game at an estate sale, so he no doubt got way more than he spent on the title. The crazy thing is, collectors are saying he could have gotten way more if he played his cards right.

While this is a sealed copy of Castlevania, it hasn’t been officially graded yet. Once that grading was done, depending on where it landed on the hierarchy of quality, the seller could have brought in upwards of $250k for the game. That said, Obalsand certainly didn’t do bad with their payday, as it’s the highest amount an ungraded copy of a game has ever garnered.

This is yet another example of why hunting down games at random locations like estate sales and flea markets could end up being an incredibly lucrative endeavor. All it takes is one lucky day to add some serious zeroes to your bank account!


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