DREDGE getting a live-action movie

What role will Chris Pratt play?

09 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Game-to-film adaptations have certainly seen an uptick in frequency and quality in recent years, and now that Hollywood knows there’s some serious money to be made, they’re diving into gaming headfirst to find the next big movie hit. Case in point, today’s announcement of a live-action DREDGE movie.

Story Kitchen, a company co-founded by Sonic the Hedgehog movie producer and dj2 Entertainment founder Dmitri M. Johnson, has announced that they’re teaming with Black Salt Games to bring DREDGE to the big screen. Story Kitchen executives Mike Goldberg, Timothy I. Stevenson, and Dan Jevons are all tied to the project as well.

While we don’t have any details on the adaptation or casting, we do have comment from Story Kitchen on why they’ve picked up DREDGE for the big screen.

“Dredge is a captivatingly eerie and profoundly rich story that had us completely hooked from the very beginning.” - Story Kitchen’s Johnson, Goldberg, Jevons, and Stevenson

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