It’s an absolute miracle that Nintendo got The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom up-and-running on Switch. Hell, Zelda: Breath of the Wild was already pushing Switch near its limits, but Tears of the Kingdom uses some sort of black magic to bring Link’s latest adventure to life. It’s a testament to Nintendo’s devs and just how much they can squeeze out of limited hardware.

While Tears of the Kingdom is an amazing adventure in every sense, there were plenty of fans who wished the game was running on more powerful hardware. They imagined a time when they could run through Hyrule and enjoy all its majesty at a 4K resolution, letting them take in the splendor on a completely different level. While many fans continue to hold onto that wish, one has decided to make it a reality.

Hardware modder Naga has been hard at work on his Switch OLED, swapping out its innards for updated specs that let the system do some very heavy lifting. The biggest change put in place has doubled the Switch OLED’s RAM to 8 GB, and that’s more than enough to take Tears of the Kingdom and render it in 4K. While Naga’s hardware warranty is null and void now, at least they can enjoy Tears of the Kingdom at a mind-blowing resolution!

Of course, Naga also shows off how some other Switch titles benefit from the RAM boost, and not surprisingly, everything looks considerably better across the board. It’s not an insanely big change, but it’s definitely one that most Switch owners will recognize instantly.

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