Construction game "Plank Builders" heading to Switch

Looks like planking is back in style

10 April 2024
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Developer Diditopia Games has announced that they’re bringing their construction game Plank Builders to the Switch. We don’t have information on pricing or release date at this time, but you can check out a video above showcasing the game in action.

Enter an enchanting world where magical marbles have the extraordinary power to bring plush monkeys to life. Together with these playful companions, you’ll embark on an exciting adventure, constructing amazing buildings from small wooden planks.

Look forward to an exciting journey of discovery, where you will have to track down and reach every hidden plush monkey in the room. But there’s a special challenge - you can’t touch the floor! Strategically lay out plank paths and build increasingly sophisticated structures to reach every single monkey.

Immerse yourself in the serene world of Plank Builders, a construction game that evokes the nostalgic joy of childhood. Let your creativity run wild, awaken all the monkeys and transform the room into an oasis of your imagination.

The Floor Is Lava

You can only walk safely on the wooden planks you’ve laid down. To reach all the monkeys, you’ll have to design and build a series of structures, starting from simple ones to more and more complex ones. Step by step you’ll master the art of building. Plush Monkeys Come Alive

Use the power of magical marbles to awaken additional monkey buddies and expand your growing circle of friends. Grateful for bringing them to life, the eager monkeys on your team will help you build paths, bridges, houses, and more.


Push your constructions to the limit as the physics of the game present you with difficult challenges. Will your carefully constructed buildings rise to the challenge or succumb to the forces of gravity?


For each monkey you awaken, you gain a valuable skill point. With these points you can unlock a wide range of new blueprints, upgrades and building techniques. Unlock the air balloon and float comfortably through the sky. From above, can you possibly discover more hidden plush monkeys?

Building Templates

To complement your own constructions, you can unlock a wealth of building templates. These important tools will help you realize your ideas.

Choose Your Plankey

Create your own toy monkey the “Planky”. Choose from a wide range of options, including color, hairstyle, clothing and more. Let your imagination run wild and create a Plankey that reflects your personal style and creativity.

You can check out some of the upcoming features for the game here! We look forward to letting you know what else we have in the pipeline. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for additional features? Join our Discord community and share your ideas with us. We value your feedback and can’t wait to hear from you! Toy Train

Explore the toy train and start laying tracks. As soon as the train passes one of the wooden storage units, planks will automatically be added to your pile. Thus increase your supply of planks and expand your building possibilities.

More Rooms

Embark on an exciting journey by unlocking new rooms in the house…. Each room offers unique challenges that you must overcome in order to progress. Use your problem solving skills to find all the rooms and monkeys.


Experience the joy of collaborative building! Team up with other players to not only find all the hidden monkeys, but also to build great structures together. Unleash the power of your collective imagination and dive into an exciting adventure full of building fun.

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