Konami has announced that Powerful Pro Baseball 2024-2025 is heading to teh Switch in Japan on July 18th, 2024. The title is priced at 8,470 yen with tax and pre-orders are officially open. There will also be a digital-only “Powerful Edition” for 10,670 yen with tax that includes 305 additional background music tracks from previous Powerful Pro Baseball entries, and the brass band Osaka Toin version of the opening theme song.

Powerful Pro Baseball 2024-2025 includes local multiplayer for up to 4 players, and online multiplayer for 2 players. The Switch version specifically includes amiibo support, but specifics on what amiibo will do is yet to be shared.

“12 Pro Baseball Teams” was a popular scenario in the Success Mode of Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2010, and Powerful Pro Baseball 2024-2025 revives this scenario via a complete remake that uses the old scenario as a base, but with additional characters, events, and more.

Penant Mode has been powered up this time as well. In addition to over 400 legendary former players from previous generations, the most ever in a Powerful Pro Baseball game, and 12 legendary teams that transcend the boundaries of time, players can also use the old Hanyku Braves, Nankai Hawks, and Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes teams.

Additionally, the now-defunct Nishinomiya Stadium and Osaka Stadium will be present in Powerful Pro Baseball 2024-2025. Enjoy Penant Mode while experiencing the history of Japanese professional baseball!

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