PlaySide Studios has announced KILL KNIGHT, the upcoming ultra-responsive, arcade-inspired isometric action shooter, and it’s coming to Switch. KILL KNIGHT will be the premiere console project from the award-winning developers behind Age of Darkness: Final Stand.

Revealed during the Triple-i Initiative and set to launch later this year, KILL KNIGHT challenges players to master the demon within as they descend through the voids of an eldritch arena and harness a devastating arsenal of armor and weapons against swarms of otherworldly horrors.

Once a loyal knight, betrayed, and banished to the Abyss. A desecrated corpse inside reanimated armor. You rise to an eternal death. Branded KILL KNIGHT, you have one purpose - KILL THE LAST ANGEL.

Players must learn to exploit enemy weaknesses, enact brutal executions, and weave through the Knight’s Arsenal to tactically manage resources - as they dance with death in the Abyss and take the fight to global leaderboards against friends and foes alike.


  • Fast and visceral top-down, push-forward combat that rewards aggression and precision
  • An immersive otherworld dripping in corrosive atmosphere with a retro-inspired aesthetic
  • Descend through five fatal layers, each more deadly than the last
  • Choose your challenge, with three distinct difficulty settings to overcome
  • Survive long enough to raise your Kill Power, increasing speed and damage
  • Complete challenges to unlock your Knight’s Arsenal, and evolve your playstyle
  • Dive into Master Mode, combining all five layers into one extended arena challenge
  • Ascend the global leaderboards and compete with friends for high-score supremacy

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