Cat Quest III "Opening Animation" Video

Clawing towards Switch this year

10 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer The Gentlebros has released the opening animation for their upcoming action RPG, Cat Quest III (previously known as Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean). A release date still hasn’t been announced, but the game is expected to launch sometime in 2024.

Play as a swashbuckling purrivateer in this 2.5D open-world action RPG set in a fantastical pirate-themed world—the Purribean—an archipelago swarming with Pi-rats searching for the Northern Star – a long-lost mythical treasure. Alongside your trusty spirit companion, set sail through the Purribean in your very own ship! But beware, the seas are dangerous, and a meow-tiny is nigh as the hordes of Pi-rats under the order of the Pirate King hunt you down…

The cutest action RPG you know and love returns for a colorful adventure filled with furr-iously fun gameplay! Delve into a paw-geous new world with varied dungeons and biomes to explore, and encounter fierce battles with the newly refined combat system featuring tighter attack combos and weapon swapping. Playable in either solo or local co-op!

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