Brawlhalla updated to Ver. 8.07, Vivi arrives

A pretty vivacious addition

10 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A master Capoeirista and a deadly assassin, Vivi dances into Brawlhalla! With her lucky Blasters (complete with cat charm), and Battle Boots named after aerial attacks, Vivi’s graceful moves are as dangerous as they are mesmerizing. When she’s not participating in the Grand Tournament, she loves updating her cat blog, “Across the Unifurs”.

Patch 8.07 also brings a complete overhaul for custom and offline game settings, New Spear & Blasters Test Features, a new Map: Apocalyptic Chasm & Brawl of the Week: Apocalyptic Target, and expression controls in the Image Render tool. Get ready to break out the spades and tend to your gardens! Bloomhalla 2024 brings springtime seasonal items to Mallhalla when it arrives next week, on April 17th!

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