Takara Tomy reveals Pokémon Somen Slider toy

I thought you weren't supposed to play with your food!?

10 April 2024
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For years and years, parents have been telling children not to play with their food. Apparently that rule doesn’t exist over in Japan, as toy manufacturer Takara Tomy has teamed with Pokémon Co. to release a product that lets kids have a bit of fun with dinner.

Takara Tomy has long offered a line of Somen Slider toys in Japan, and their latest entry in the series is a Pokémon-themed option. These toys are meant to go along with eating Nagashi Somen; noodles that are placed in a long flume of bamboo that carries clear, ice-cold water. This Pokemon Some Slider does just that, albeit with all kinds of Pokémon accoutrement.

The Pokémon Somen Slider is modeled after Rayquaza, letting the somen noodles slide down the Pokémon’s body. There are other Pokémon hanging out on the slide, such as Pikachu and three Water-Type Pokémon as well. This item will see release in Japan come June 1st, 2024.

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